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Monday, April 6, 2020

Good morning East Middle School Student, Parents, Guardians and Staff,


Welcome to week two of remote learning and “Retooling American Public Education”!  We are all game changers because of the work we have already done, and I want to thank you for your grace and generosity this past week.  We will need our best virtues again this week, including more hope and perseverance.


East Middle School Staff promises that we are doing everything we can think of to care for you and we will continue to do so.  Every time we stumble and fall, BRAVING forward, we will rise together and be even stronger and more courageous than before. #beatingcoronavirus


Students, we have a message for you first.  Since you are the reason why we are all coming together, we remind you:  Be the person your dog, cat or grandmother thinks you are, and not who you have been.  We believe in you, and times are changing and we all need to act differently. Take healthy risks and set clear boundaries for who you want to be.  Don’t settle for who you have been.


Parents, if your student says he or she is bored, or finishes their academic work ahead of your anticipated schedule, please head them directly to the following “BORED BOARD”.  We will pretty much guarantee that your child’s life will become less bored, and our world will become a better place because of your direction: Are You Bored? Board


Students and parents, your teachers are working to reduce the number of emails you may be receiving about schedules, Google Meets, assignments and so many other things.  We are striving to have one or two grade level communications per week, with additional details on learning communicated within Schoology. Persevere with us as we get this under control.


Speaking of Schoology, it was a struggle last week.  We are sorry for that and our school district has worked hard to resolve the problems we were experiencing.  Students and teachers were experiencing issues logging in, slow load speeds, and crashing pages. This was a nationwide issue.  If you would like to read more about what Schoology is doing to improve you can do that here.

Here are a few points with online learning that we would like to make to help us through this:

1)  Please be patient.  Schoology IS still functioning and kids CAN still complete coursework through Schoology.  Schoology’s functioning has been intermittent, so please give your students and teachers permission to set the work aside and try again later.  Try refreshing the page, and if that doesn't work, give it fifteen (15) minutes or so and come back to it. Keep trying and take breaks as needed.

2)  We will not penalize students for late work because they could not access course materials on Schoology.  We can see the amount of time students spend working, so as long as students are trying and engaging with their school work, all is  good.

3)  Continue to contact us for support.  If you are having troubles, this information may help you:  Schoology Parent Guide 


With the statewide closure of school buildings now extended through the end of the month, we know some of you may be anxious to pick up medications, especially life-saving ones like inhalers and EpiPens. If your child has medication at EMS there are two opportunities for picking them up this week:


  • Tuesday, April 7, anytime between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

  • Wednesday, April 8, anytime between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.


Please bring an ID with you to the school, and a staff member will bring your child’s medication to you. Just come to the school's front door, knock, and we will meet you there.


Parents, be on the lookout for a Mesa County Valley School District 51 PARENT SURVEY.  This will be your opportunity to have your voice heard about your and your students’ needs.  When it is ready, we will blast it out to all of you ASAP. We need you and your voice. Together we’re better.  Let’s stick together.


Students, we are working on something similar for you so that we can care for your needs better.  Please keep your eyes and ears open for that survey.


The staff members of East Middle School feel proud of the work we are doing and we feel proud to be with you on this journey into what will surely become history that others in our future study.  Join us in making history.


Timothy Fifer,

Principal of East Middle School

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