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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Dear East Middle School Students, Parents, and Staff:

First, I want to say, I feel incredibly proud to be a part of EMS, and I believe that if you could see all that the staff of East are doing to get our school safely and successfully opened next Monday, you would be proud, too!  Welcome to a whole new school year!  We are motivated and together, and I believe we are going to look at each other on May 21, 2021, and say, “Congratulations, we made it!”

Our cohorts of teachers and students are growing each day.  We’ve reprogramed our schedules and worked together to solve staffing challenges, making sure we have teachers in each classroom.  We’ve been resilient and persistent with almost daily changes with enrollment and teachers moving to online instruction.  Yet, each day we’ve grown stronger!  We promise to take care of students, parents, staff, and our community with high hopes, expectations, and integrity.

As a reminder, students will spend the majority of their day with a cohort of students who travel through most of their day together.  Cohorting students is important because if a student were to contract COVID-19, we want to be able to minimize the number of people who must be quarantined and minimize the potential sickness of our community.

We are also limiting student transitions, which will allow us longer periods of time with students to go deeper with learning in their core content classes of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  This also means students will spend less time washing hands due to fewer transitions. Yet, have no doubt though, our students will be washing their hands frequently!

Our electives and exploratory classes will be organized similarly to what students have had in the past.  The noticeable exception being that 6th grade students will not be required to take a full year of music. 

To start and end our school year, here are some of the important ways in which we will be operating:



Some of the 20-21 EMS Morning and Afternoon Dropoff & Dismissal SOPs

  1. Students are allowed on campus at 7:30 AM unless eating breakfast.  Students may only be in the cafeteria if they are actively eating breakfast.

  2. Students will maintain physical distance of a “wing span” between people.

  3. Students will line up and gather by cohorts.

  4. Seventh and eighth grade students will go to the field and gather in cohorted areas before school while sixth grade students go to the patio and gather in cohorted areas before school.

  5. Students need to leave campus by 3:15 PM.

Some of the 20-21 School Wide Symptom Tracking SOPs

  1. Students and/or their parents will need to complete the D51 Symptom Tracker before arriving at the school’s campus each day.

  2. Students who have not completed the symptom tracker will be guided to EMS COVID-19 Health Assistant to do so before entering the school.

Some 20-21 School Wide Mask SOPs

  1. Students are required to wear a clean and school appropriate mask each school day and will be provided a mask if they do not have one.

  2. Masks must fully cover a student’s nose and mouth.

  3. Students must wear masks inside the school and other designated areas where physical distancing is not possible.

  4. Outside mask breaks will be provided by staff members.

  5. Masks may be temporarily lowered while students are actively drinking water in the classroom or eating in designated areas.

  6. Masks must be kept with students at all times and not shared.

  7. Mask Rules

Some 20-21 EMS Lunch and Recess SOPs

  1. Students will wash their hands prior to entering the cafeteria.

  2. Students will eat their own food and drinks and keep their own personal items to themselves .

Some of the 20-21 EMS School Wide Cleaning and Sanitizing SOPs

  1. Students must wash hands before leaving the classroom and sanitize hands before entering a classroom.

  2. Common and shared items (tables, pencil sharpeners, chairs, etc....) must be cleaned before classroom transitions.

  3. Students will use hand sanitizer before using shared items such as Chromebooks.

Most Frequently Asked Questions by Students and Parents this Week:

Q:  How do I make sure my student is registered for school, which is currently slated to start on August 17, 2020, for face-to-face instruction?

A:  All registration for D51 students is occurring online at ParentVue and StudentVue.  Please do your best to make that happen as soon as possible. All fees can be paid through My Payments Plus https://www.mypaymentsplus.com/welcome Thanks!

Q: When will student schedules be provided?

A:  We are working diligently to have them ready to be viewed in ParentVue and StudentVue by Sunday evening, and for sure, we will have them ready when students arrive on Monday.

Q:  I heard all students need a water bottle and that other drinks are not allowed in classrooms this year.  Is that true?

A:  Yes, this is true.  All students will use water bottles for their drinks, which will be filled with water from our hydration stations. No other drinking utensils are allowed in classrooms at this time.  Water bottles need to be clearly identified with each student’s name and may not be shared to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Q:  How long will each core content class be?

A:  Core classes will be two hours and twenty-six minutes.  During this time, we will engage in learning, outside mask breaks, guided student hygiene practice, and social and emotional learning opportunities.


Q:  Can students bring sunscreen to school since they will be learning outside more?

AStudents are encouraged to bring sunscreen and wear hats outside.  Sunscreen can be carried with a student if a parent completes the  REQUEST FOR MEDICATION/ MEDICAL PROCEDURES TO BE GIVEN AT  SCHOOL and SOLICITUD/PROCEDIMIENTOS PARA LA ADMINISTRACIÓN DE MEDICAMENTOS EN LA ESCUELA

Q:  What is important for my student to do each day?

AThere are three important things for students "to do" each day prior to arrival at school:  Complete the Symptom Tracker, bring only the items they need for that day in a backpack or cinch sack, and bring a filled water bottle with their name clearly labeled on it.

Q:  How have start and stop times changed?

A:  Our start time at 7:52 AM and stop time at 3:07 PM will remain the same.  We ask that students do not arrive before 7:30 AM to help ensure their safety and supervision.  As students arrive, they will be guided to areas on our campus with their cohorts, or to the cafeteria if they are eating.  Breakfast will be served.  Students or their parents need to complete the online Student Symptom Tracker before students enter the building.  Students will need to leave the campus by 3:15 PM and staff will leave by 3:45 PM to allow for full cleaning of our school and grounds.  After school programming may create minor adjustments in after-school hours.

Q:  What will lunch and recess look like?

A:  Our lunch and recess have been extended to forty-five minutes to provide more outdoor time and excellent handwashing opportunities.  Students will eat inside and outside this year!  They will eat with their cohorts and play in the park within safe distances of other students who are not in their cohorts.

Q:  Is it true that students won’t have lockers?

A:  Yes, students will not have lockers this year.  They will carry cinch sacks or backpacks with their learning supplies, lunch, and other personal items.

Q:  Are athletics still canceled or delayed?

A:  At the present time, there are no middle school athletic programs which have been approved.  Other after-school programs will continue in a safe manner.

Q:  How can I help my student be ready for Monday?

A:  Help them wear a mask more often, fully over their noses and mouths.  Help them wash their hands for twenty seconds at least ten times.  Make bubbles!  Sit down and read through the 2020-21  EMS Parent and Student Handbook with them.  Get familiar with East Middle School, who we are, and how we do the business of learning.

For an up-to-date and more detailed plan of reopening schools across our district, you can find more information here: D51 Safe School Reopening Plan

I know you have many questions as do we.  Keep your eyes and ears open, and we will be communicating further details soon.  Thank you for your support of our school!  We look forward to seeing you soon.



Timothy Fifer,

Principal of East Middle School



Supply List
-3 boxes of Kleenex
-3 Composition Notebooks
-1 single subject notebook
-12 sharpened #2 pencils
Please pay attention the 1st week of classes and be prepared to bring any supplies requested by teachers that are specific to their classes.

1st day of school 2020/2021:
August 17, 2020
School starts at 7:45AM-3:07PM
7:52AM Tardy Bell

ATTENTION 5th Graders!


Welcome to East Middle School! We’re SO excited to meet you and welcome you to East as 6th Graders! 


Here’s what we need YOU to do:

  1. Make sure you are logged into Classlink.

  2. Watch this Slideshow to meet some of the teachers and staff you’ll be working with in 6th Grade.East Middle School Slideshow

  1. Fill out this Google Form to let us know your preferences for your year-long music class. 2020-2021 EMS Music Registration Form

  1. Questions? Email your School Counselor:

    Students with Last Names A-L: allysone.moore@d51schools.org

Students with Last Names M-Z: dacia.ritterbush@d51schools.org






School Hours  


8th Grade Lunch-10:44am-11:14am
7th Grade Lunch-11:30am-12:00pm
6th Grade Lunch-12:18pm-12:48pm

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